Lovers Lane Birth Center

Lovers Lane Birth Center is a midwifery practice in Richardson, Texas serving women and their families in the Dallas area who are seeking a natural birth at our birth center or in the comfort of their home. The staff of Lovers Lane Birth Center is committed to providing care that is respectful, informative and family-centered.

Dinah Waranch CNM

Dinah Waranch
Certified Nurse Midwife

My midwifery journey may have begun with a story my mother told me about giving birth. "You just slid out of me, tiny, perfect and crying. It was a high point of my life".

I grew up in the UK, spent my formative early adulthood in Israel and then moved to Texas. I am the owner  of Lovers Lane Birth Center. I am a certified nurse midwife, a registered nurse with graduate certification in midwifery.  

I love being a midwife and being a mother and hope to be a grandmother one day.

I am totally committed to out of hospital birth and have had three wonderful, empowering natural births myself.


Krystal Brown
Certified Nurse Midwife

I am Dallas, born and raised. Since childhood I have had a passion to help others. I have worked in hospitals locally and across America as a Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse before obtaining a Masters degree in Midwifery. As a student midwife I learned birth center and home birth care at Lovers Lane Birth Center and other local birth centers. Both in the hospital and outside of it, birth is miraculous. Intervention is usually unnecessary. You just have to step back and allow the body to be great!

 Being a midwife has shown me how to work collaboratively with mothers in making all decisions, keeping them informed and involved in every step. I understand that informed decision-making is paramount in midwifery care.

 I am a wife, a mother, and a midwife who is dedicated to each and every woman I serve

 “When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change” ~Marie Mongan

Billing/Office Manager

I am a mother of three children and feel most comfortable taking natural approaches to parenting as well as everyday living. I am delighted to work with women who have a passion to care for and support other women.  I also provide Placenta Encapsulation services exclusively for Lovers Lane Birth Center clients.  

Receptionist/Front Office

I love getting to know the moms and following each family's pregnancy and birth journey. As a mother of two teenagers, I find the Birth Center to be calming and peaceful. In most cases, I am the first smile that will greet you and the last person to hug and say goodbye at your last postpartum visit. I strive to make a lasting impression by being patient, kind, and a resource to all.