Birth Monopoly's Know Your Rights
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Birth Monopoly's Know Your Rights

Through a combination of video lectures and group discussion, this class will cover:

  • the rights of the pregnant and birthing person, especially the rights to bodily autonomy and informed consent/refusal;

  • common ways that these rights are violated, and why;

  • existing mechanisms for seeking redress for human rights violations during childbirth, and why these mechanisms are not effective; and

  • what we can do—how we can seek justice for obstetric violence that we have experienced or witnessed in the past, and how we can prevent obstetric violence in the future.

    This class was written for birth workers and some material is specifically for doulas, but everyone is welcome to attend: birth workers of all kinds, educators, activists, mothers, partners, non-mobile babies. 

    There is no charge to attend this class. There will be snacks. Hosted by Jessica Blessing and Marcie Winkle

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  • Round Ligament Pain

  • Pubis Pain

  • Tight Adductors

  • Lower Back Pain

  • “Heavy Belly”

  • Sciatic Pain

If you are in the middle of your second trimester of pregnancy (20 weeks) and have experienced any of the above problems “This Massage Treatment is for You!” As baby grows during pregnancy, the two round ligaments that attach at the bottom of the groin, fan outward on each side of the abdominal area and connect at the hip area to support the abdominals, stretch and become tighter and thinner like a rubber band being stretched. This tension and pain can feel like a sudden sharp stabbing pain on either side of your lower abdomen or groin area which can also refer pain to the lower back. Sudden movements such as laughing, sneezing, coughing, rolling over or sitting up in bed, bending over or just standing too quickly are examples of movements that can trigger round ligament pain. ***Please sign up while you’re in the office or call Stacey our office manager @214-366-3579 to reserve your spot for an introductory 30 minute pain relief massage for $45.00 For a 60 minute massage contact Josette Klemp, LMT directly. Josette Klemp, LMT, CPMT, CIMI 214-437-8974 Prior to setting up an appointment Please verify with your Primary care provider that you are cleared for massage.

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