What will happen when the new baby comes into the family? From symbol to soul.

Cindy is worried about things. Her apartment is feeling small and cluttered. If the crib turns into a toddler bed and big sister Lily sleeps next to big brother Joseph, then maybe the pack-and-play can squeeze next to her bed and her husband, Nick will have to go to the sofa because he is a light sleeper but Lily is currently often sleeping on the sofa (she gets up in the night). And then with the glider moved to the living room, it just might work. The required moving around, the adjustments of furniture and family positions are circling in Cindy's head, round and round in an anxious dance. Her eyes glisten. "Is she really crying about a bit of furniture?", I wonder. WIthin moments of my wondering, a hug and a box of tissues, Cindy discovers that the cluttered rooms, the beds, are shadows. Family members are adjusting, moving around. Will there be space in their lives? Will it be OK? "Last time Nick was so not himself after the baby. It was almost like he had postpartum depression. I managed but it was a sad, hard time. I'm scared of it again"

It can be scary knowing that the family will change. A new baby puts the whole family off balance. The thought of it can fill your head with anxiety, just like a little apartment full of furniture and people. However much you move them around, it is hard to believe it will all fit.

Sometimes moving the furniture away a little in a prenatal visit, and seeing the shadows, can help.