Walking is Life

I used to be a city planner. Really. Not for long. The work was boring. But I believe that where we live influences how we live and that affects our health and wellbeing. When the places we live in are designed for our natural human scale they support healthy people. We are walking animals. We walk to get food. We walk in our working lives. We walk to learn. We walk to live. So places that facilitate walking, that are walkable, are more healthful places to live. Sadly the Dallas suburbs do not facilitate a walking lifestyle. But it can be done.

When I suggested that walking to the park might be a good and pleasant way to get some exercise, Lori explained that she couldn't do that. She is afraid of dogs. When I suggested the same to Catherine she said that she was afraid to go out without her husband, who works long hours and can't accompany her. These two pregnant women are not alone. I hear these kind of fears often. What a strange, crazy and unhealthy world we live in when we are too scared to go for a walk.
I am happy to say that a month later, Catherine told me that she was able to overcome her fear and she had taken a 10 minute walk to Starbucks. She called her husband from the store and he couldn't believe she had done it! She was empowered. She is planning to walk to Starbucks every day. More power to you Catherine. You can do it too Lori.