Trusting birth, trusting the earth

The state of the earth makes my head ache. Species are disappearing, it's hotter every year, droughts, extreme weather, oceans depleted of life and littered with human waste and human toxins, our beautiful blue ball, our home in the universe, is in trouble. If we don't destroy ourselves by war, we will surely destroy ourselves by destroying our planet. Each of us feels so powerless in the face of these troubles. It is enough to make us ignore it all! But I am lucky to be a midwife because it gives me hope every day. Every day I witness mothers grow physically and emotionally. I bear witness to the power of the birth process, to the miracle of a mother and baby going from one to two, an interdependent couplet who empower each other in their miraculous relationship, and I am empowered, given hope and understanding of the power, the resilience of nature.

Mothers, babies, bodies work so well, they are a miraculous natural system. The earth is too. It may be sick, but it is resilient, just as are humans, who grow new humans, who cure themselves of flus and colds, who turn food into love growth and energy.

I have hope.

I trust birth and I trust the earth.