The thorny topic of Birth and the God thing

I'm going to dive into this potentially very thorny topic. Birth and the God thing.
Pregnant women have an aura about them. Their sensitivity is all over their beautiful bodies. Their specialness could be called sacred. The moment of birth is unique in its power. It demands honor and respect, and also awe. You might call it a moment of holiness. For many, feeling this truth leads directly to their faith, a specific faith, and for many it does not. The power, the holiness the awe, the sacredness of it all are real whether you are believer (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan, Zoroastan) or an atheist.
So, when a client asks me about my faith, my beliefs, I answer. But I do not like the question. This is not only because this question for me is very personal, at least as personal as my political opinions, but more because the client usually wants to gauge my sensitivity to the spiritual aspects of birth, and I do not think that religious belief and being in tune with the spiritual are necessarily connected. Does not an atheist woman sense equally the power of the moment of the birth of her child as the woman of strongly held religious belief? Of course.
I respect the power of giving birth and I respect the women giving birth enough to know this.