Saving humanity with birth!

Women are lucky. We can embody nature, change, new life. We are impregnated, we grow and we are one and two at the same time. Then we labor and give birth, embodying the process of nature in a way that men cannot do. Male and female, we all are born, grow, live and die. But lucky women can sense nature and life in a more profound way. We embody it. In the processes of pregnancy, labor, birth and breastfeeding we are the cycle of nature.
Through our experience, our embodiment, our understanding of natural pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, mothering, we can touch this hard, metal, concrete, mechanistic world and influence a return to common sense.
Trusting your body and giving birth naturally empowers you to trust yourself as a parent, to parent intuitively as you gave birth intuitively. Giving birth naturally empowers women to parent with love as we gave birth with love. And the children we parent with love and trust in nature, will love and trust in nature themselves. They are those who will live life honestly and with respect for themselves and those around them.
This is not a self-indulgent thing that we do when we give birth naturally. This is a step in the saving of humanity.