same old depressing story

At her first appointment E told me about the day that she went into her OB's office at 38 weeks along in her last pregnancy. "I'm uncomfortable", she complained, as women who are in their last few weeks typically complain. But E didn't know the way an obstetrician's mind works..... Complaining is his opportunity to act on your body at his convenience.... BEWARE. Her obstetrician smiled sweetly: "Another sucker", he thought. "I can fit her in on Tuesday afternoon and then I'll able to make the gala dinner that the pharmaceutical company is throwing in the evening". So he said, "Your baby is big enough" (whatever that means), "Why don't we induce labor on Tuesday morning?" "OK" said E, clueless and trusting. So he started with cytotec and went on with pitocin and within a short time there was an alarming dip in the baby's heart rate: "Let's put you on your right not, let's try your, I guess we'd better cut you RIGHT NOW" and so he did. Thank goodness he acted quickly and saved the baby's life. I suppose she'll have to be cut for all her babies now, "You don't mind that do you?"
The baby was fed bottles in the nursery and never got the breastfeeding thing.
Sometimes I'm angry. Today I was just sad.