Preventive care is wellness care not disease screening

What is known as preventive care is often screening for disease, viewing our bodies through the prism of illness. This is the prism of conventional medicine and it has its place. Regular pap smears have really made dying of cervical cancer an even rarer event. The frequency and efficacy of mammograms is controversial but they have facilitated early breast cancer detection . But what do these and other similar screenings have to do with prevention and wellness? Wellness is about lifestyle. It is about who we are, what we eat, what work we do and how stressful our lives are. It is also about how much sleep we get and the quality of that sleep as well as about how active we are. It is also about how we feel, inside and out, physically, mentally, emotionally.

Midwifery is about wellness because pregnancy, (unlike illness, the concern of medicine), is a healthy state. Birth is a healthy process. Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and family life are statements of wellness.

Have a well and happy new year!