Paid maternity leave supports mothers, breastfeeding and babies of course

Melanie is the chief breadwinner in her intact 2 parent middle class family. Unremarkable. What is remarkable is the complete lack of adaptation by social institutions to this unremarkable situation. She hopes to take 6-8 weeks leave from work. At no pay of course. And she will still have to pay family health insurance premiums and savings plan witholding during that time. So she won't be able to pay her bills if she wishes to stay home for a few weeks with her new baby. She could resign from her job. Then her kids would be eligible for medicaid and she wouldn't have to pay the savings plan that she is locked into. She could probably get a new job later. She is not supposed to do that because her company made her sign a three year contract as a condition of employment. She could be sued for breech of contract. Melanie is caught in a common cruel bind. Where is her freedom?

Thank you US Navy and Marine Corps for your enlightened new policy.