Magic in the air: hovering hormones

Did you know that fruits give off stuff that makes them ripen better together in a bowl than individually....? Fruit communicate via chemicals in the air. And we all know the female dorm phenomenon: all menstruating together... interesting communication that one. What does it serve?

And do you know about pheromenes, that miracle of sexual attraction that we involuntarily and unknowingly exude?

So during birth we exude too of course. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is literally in the air! We communicate love with it. It makes our uteruses contract and our milk flow. And in other circumstances it brings orgasm to both sexes. Just as sex in a bright and crowded place might not work so well..... birth  and breastfeeding are the same. Kind of obvious really, isn't it? You need the right atmosphere for sex. The same for birth.

And what does all that floating oxytocin do to those in the birth room? In the best circumstances I believe it helps all those present to feel love and to communicate it to others. It not only helps mothers and babies fall in love, but all those who are lucky enough to be present are affected too.

Roll on the love hormone!