Katherine renews her belief in her body and her health

Katherine gave birth the first time 5 years ago, a natural, uneventful birth center birth.  The next time she became pregnant, she miscarried. And the next time. And the next. She went to see an obstetrician and was diagnosed with a rare clotting disorder implicated in her miscarriages. She was to start extremely high doses of folic acid and daily aspirin to maintain her next pregnancy. She became pregnant again. She took the medications. Success! She remained pregnant. When she reached the middle of her pregnancy, Katherine was told: "OK, you are out of the woods now" So she transferred care to our practice planning another natural birth. All was well, except that Katherine had lost some of her confidence in her body, her faith in her own health. She admitted this during one of her prenatal visits. But over the course of the next few months, her belief that her baby would be born naturally and uneventfully, began to rise. A couple of days ago, labor started. Katherine labored very quietly. She was very internally focused. She did not need assistance from me. She didn't need assistance from her husband. She walked the birth center. She disappeared frequently alone into the bathroom. She didn't want candles or atmosphere. She worked her own way.

As Katherine's breathing became heavier, she asked her husband to fill the tub. From looking at her, I wasn't sure that she was ready, but said nothing. She knew what she was doing. Soon after climbing into the tub, the pressure built and she was pushing at the peak of her contractions. Her husband stepped out of the room to get his camera and as he stepped back in, the baby's head emerged, her face flattened against the intact bag of water. Then her body followed into her dad's hands. As I removed the sac from her face she took a big crying breath. The birth of Katherine's baby renewed her belief in herself, renewed her strength as a mother.