I am my oatmeal

I have nutty oatmeal with creamy whole milk from happy cows and half a juicy pink grapefruit for breakfast. I can feel myself turning into a bowl of oatmeal! I eat a bowl of white bean and kale soup and a sweet crisp apple for lunch. I am a white bean. I sit at home after work nursing a cup of tea and crunching a piece of grainy toast with half a banana on it. I am a piece of toast. I eat brown rice with veggies and garbanzo curry for dinner. I am a bowl of curry, spicier by the moment.

Yes, you know the phrase "you are what you eat". Remember, it is literally true.
My oatmeal rumbles around in my tummy and mixes with my digestive juices and begins the biochemical process of becoming me. My hair, my toenails, my lungs, my uterus, are my oatmeal.
Please think about that the next time you have a Big Mac.