gaining insights from the dentist

My dentist, Dr Kadosh, is fabulous! He loves peering into mouths just like I love babies growing inside of mothers and then sliding out. He loves talking about it too. He talks a lot and he has a captive audience. I lay back, focusing on the relaxing outbreath like a birthing mother. Dr Kadosh pokes around in my mouth with a rather unpleasant, picky little tool, and he talks. He waxes enthusiastically about how he can read a person's health in her mouth, her self-care, her diet. The pink, vascular tissue of the mucous membranes tells all.
Of course, I love his insight and I love his enthusiasm, but I think that the mouth is just a small part of the story. How much more so do pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum reveal a person, the health of a mother, her baby, her whole family? During their pregnancies, many women increase their health and their babies' health. by eating with love. Many increase their health and the health of their babies by becoming confident and knowledgeable parents. Labor and birth experienced with support and confidence will also increase their health in. A strong mother will parent healthfully and carefully and with strength. The postpartum period, a sensitive time will flow easier from that empowered mother. That's health.