Exciting changes

I am ashamed.... No posts for months.....

But today is a good day to reconnect with my blog and its little band of followers. I have been buried in my life and now I am ready to re-emerge. For those of you (like D'Arcy) who thought I was off to distant places with Doctors Without Borders.... Well, I'm not, or at least not yet....
I had thought that as my sons leave home, and my nest becomes empty, it was time for me to move on and out.... but I forgot, how could I? I have 4 children, my sons, Amos, Ethan and Daniel and my fourth, my midwifery practice.
Of course.
How can I abandon my youngest child? I have to strengthen it and prepare it for the next phase of my life. So I have taken on Adelle. Adelle and I will share the midwifery practice. We will support our clients and each other and that will create more sanity and invigorated midwifery care. I may even add another midwife next year and then when my 4th baby is ready, I will be able to begin the next phase of my life.
Adelle and I share a lot but bring our uniquely different life stories to the practice. I am excited! Lovers Lane Birth Center is not me. It is the unique combination of the women and families that it serves and those who support them. It is growing and I am proud.