Days Have Personalities

Today I was supposed to sleep in (hah!), enjoy a slow and pleasant breakfast with my kitty and the newspaper, go out with a friend for lunch, get some annoying chores done, and keep out of the 100 degree heat. But that is not the personality of today. Today started with yesterday, in which Kristine, multi-hatted,  multi-tasking midwife, mother, administrator extraordinaire, had her purse with a large amount of cash stolen from her house. The birth center debit card had been fraudulently used, had to be destroyed and I had no access to money. The State of Texas decided that they would inspect me the next day, something I have been expecting and preparing for but was not prepared for. A client woke me from sleep at 5:15am. She sounded labor-ish but not really laboring so I suggested a bath and a rest and I tried to rest (did not). Up early to greet my inspectors. My super fabulous staff were all ready, helping to pull together charts, papers, keys to medicine cabinets, required forms. I try to be polite, appropriate, but bureaucracy stinks. They know I think it stinks. They are really OK, these dedicated foot-soldiers for the State of Texas. But we are not from the same planet.

Meanwhile Adelle is with the laboring woman, who is moaning and opening and having her baby in her own world the other side of the birth center. I see Adelle’s planned prenatal appointments while fending off the critical looks of the inspectors as they find an expired syringe in the back of a drawer. Someone appears to take me out to lunch. It was not who I had planned to eat lunch with but the day has a very strong personality.  Indian buffet. Too much food. She tells me in a completely straightforward, unemotional way, the story of her horrific childhood abuse, how it came to light for her during her work in birth and her own births and how she is healing from it. I am unable to take this in. I am outwardly appropriate, but inwardly, totally unable to digest.

Somehow the day goes on. Another prenatal visit, and the laboring mother moans on and opens up, and the inspectors inspect, and I wonder why this strange day brought me the story of abuse and healing, birth and craziness, and now I am at home with my kitty and it is 104 degrees outside and I am still wondering about today.