Birth: simple and profound

I have attended 6 births in the last 8 days. That is a lot of slithery little ones sliding out of their mammas. That is a lot of fun for a birth junkie like me. A lot of adrenalin, a huge amount of pleasure. I am very tired. I can't sleep although that's obviously what I should do. Birth is a really thought provoking wonder, every time. From the first, I take away the memory of the woman's husband's sweet, loving encouragement and appreciation of her. The second was a second in a row "birth in my pants" episode. The third was a baby born in the front seat of the car in front of the birth center. From the fourth I smile at the strength of the first time mom who stood up in an empty bath-tub to push out her little one. The fifth mother's goal was to not hurry as she had been hurried before. And she didn't, doing her birth her way accompanied by an audiobook thriller. And early this morning a baby in a bubble slid out swimming in defiance of obstetric "cardinal moviements" in the caul and into her parents arms. The pleasure and the beauty.