The cure: a good birth

Guilt burdens motherhood. It’s all so hard! Ann felt a sense of failure that her body did not give birth naturally. She blamed herself. And she failed to breastfeed which brought distress and more guilt..

Later, she dismissed her feelings “It wasn’t so important. All that matters is that Tom is healthy. Formula fed babies do well too”.

Nature is resilient. Mothers recover and become more confident as they practice. Babies thrive and grow. The beauty of that truth cannot dismiss the loss for Ann and for Tom.

Ann and Tom’s loss happens over and over at the start of many lives together. Millions are born into a soup of inadequacy and guilt.

The human species is not yet so broken that our women cannot birth and our babies cannot suck at the breast as other mammals do.

For the birth of Emma, Ann squats on the ground, lifts her naked child to her breast.

They are one and the milk flows.