Three late babies


Let’s normalize late babies. Normal babies come when they are ready, whether or not we are ready or not ready, patient or impatient, have the people we want there or not.

Three weeks ago the birth center had a busy baby having few days; and lot of the babies came after the due date, just like they often do. And they were all normal babies and they all had different birth stories.

One mother was naturally patient, accepting of being past her due date. Another was nervous. The last birth she had transfered from the birth center after her water had broken more than 24 hours without regular contractions. She had returned to the birth center for this pregnancy to try again but was less confident this time. 11 days past her due date she was more worried by the day……. and then her water broke and then there were no contractions…….. again! But then…… almost to her amazement, the contractions came, the labor happened and she rocked and moaned and hopped into the tub and incredibly, had a baby! A third mother made it all the way to 42 weeks, totally frantic. She was very particular about how this, her third home birth should be and who should be there. I had attended the other births and that was how it was supposed to be in her mind. I went to her house, trying to get labor to start, but nothing was working. I had booked a flight to Europe the day she was 42 weeks, and that’s when it happened at last at a different time and with different people but just perfectly, gently and at home. It was just the way it was supposed to be. Births usually are.