Your natural birth depends on a strong midwifery profession.

You want a natural birth. You want personal loving care. You want to be treated as the unique individual that you are. You want to do it your way. You need a midwife!

Midwifery sisters are unique just like you, but we share a commitment to providing the natural personal care that you seek.

But midwives are a weak, marginal group of women. The weaker we are, the less access you have to us. The culture is unsuportive and fearful. Insurance systems sideline midwifery. Medicine is skeptical. Hospitals are hostile. Midwives are marginalized and even demonized.

Midwives’ hands

Midwives’ hands

The weaker we are, the stronger technological, interventive and impersonal birth systems become. One of the ways that birth systems weaken midwifery is by dividing us. There are different midwifery credentials CPM, CNM, CM and LM (or a combination). But we are all midwifery sisters. We all provide safe natural care. We are stronger together and that strength is better for you.

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