Hug a mother and hug a midwife today!

midwives and mamma.jpg

Women and families are too important for midwifery to be so weak in this country. I am sad every day that midwifery is so weak. I am sad not just for midwives, but for women.

"Birth is about making mothers, strong, competent, capable mothers" wrote Barabara Katz Rothman. 

Midwives support women to have the kind of birth that makes them feel strong, competent and capable. Strong mothers make strong families and strong societies.

The United States has a long and troubled history with midwives. Many of the Salem witches were midwives. American women struggle to participate in society in just the way that each sees fit. Midwives struggle to be have their profession accepted, to be able to serve and use their skills with and for women.

I am proud to have worked with many different midwives in and out of the hospital. Many have the letters CNM (certified nurse midwife) and many have the letters CPM (certified professional midwife), but we are all midwives. We all safely support women and their families through birth. We all come to life and birth with our different bundles of knowledge and experience. Their is a unique midwife-mother relationship at every birth. 

Any attempt to compare CPMs and CNMs and see one as better than the other is part of a divide and conquer strategy which weakens midwifery and indirectly weakens mothers and families. 

Hug a mother and hug a midwife today!