Get woke with birth stories


Birth stories touch the people who tell them and they touch the people who hear them. 

A birth story can be a story of triumph or a story of pain. It can be a story of self discovery or a story of being shamed and shut down. It can be sweet and intimate, or scary and upsetting. It can be just-how-it-was, imperfect but the way it had to be and embraced for that. 

It can be told in a fearful whisper or shouted on facebook. It can be told cautiously to a friend or revealed perhaps for the first time in its truth to a midwife. It can be laughed about. It can be cried about. It can be written about. It can fester inside and not be told at all. 

Sometimes a mother doesn't understand what a birth meant to her until she tells her story. 

We must tell our stories; for each other. We must tell our stories; for ourselves.