A gift from a midwife mother: Let It Be

I have a gift that I share with Paul McCartney, and it's not musical talent. It's the gift our mothers gave us.

Paul's mother gave him not only her love but the magic of her attitude. His mother was a midwife. She died when Paul was fourteen.  Later, she came to him in a dream with the message "Let it Be". 

Today, talking over Sally's hopes for her upcoming birth, she described her mother's attitude  "It's a wonderful thing to give birth. You can do it, no scary movie drama necessary." This gave Sally not only confidence but positivity about birth, parenthood and life.

It is the perfect gift that my mother gave me too.

If you did not receive it from your mother, you can glean the gift from others as you move through life and you can give it to your children. 

Where do you think Paul McCartney got his smile?