Breastfeeding and love.

A breastfeeding baby snuggles as close as she can.  Perhaps if she could, she would crawl back inside. Her mouth opens around her mother's nipple. She sucks breastmilk, a liquid food that is awesomely mysterious, perfectly warm, magically unique and so full of love. 

There are lots of different kinds of lovemaking and they are all connected by the love hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is made when we give birth, oxytocin is made when milk comes through the breast and oxytocin is made when we make love with our partners. We use our bodies to express love and often our mouths, and breastfeeding is no different. 

What we learn as babies we don't remember but it is there inside us. Our cells, our bodies know it. Breastmilk is sweet with that special combination of sweetness that means motherbaby love. And so for the rest of our lives, eating and sweetness are what we crave, what we associate with love.

I wrote in a prior post, "breatfeeding is life's love template"

Breastfeeding is healthful in the in the way that your baby's pediatrician might consider heathful, and it is also a beautiful way for your baby and you to practice love. Bottlefeeding mirrors many of the love foundations that I described, from holding a baby close to using her mouth, to a warm sweet liquid. And babies are resilient and grow just fine that way too. So I hope not to cause pain to any mother who does not breastfeed for any reason. But there is something so incredibly beautiful in the loving connection of breastfeeding. Breastfeedng is feeding..... and so much more.