Midwifery care is not a pricey boutique service!

Wow, I thought giving birth was a messy, earthy, natural, wild and unpredicatble business!

glamorous birthing.jpg

That picture really shows a room where women are supposed to give birth.

But giving birth is not about getting all made up, ordering a baby to room service or relaxing in a spa. Giving birth is not just for the wealthy and the privileged and it doesn’t need a place of glamorous luxury with a uniformed concierge.

It needs most of all the opportunity to happen in an environment of respect, of support and of love, a place where a woman can feel free to be vulnerable, to let happen what needs to happen, where she can feel complete freedom to be herself.

That is why midwifery is not a boutique service. It is a service for all, for the free expression and autonomy of you and your baby. Bring it on.