The Power of the Pocket Midwife




As our visit comes to a close, we want to honor the time we have spent together communicating, hearing, touching feeling the pregnancy, the growing bodies and the emotional adjustments. A page from the book will do the trick. A page is a message that fits in a magical, lighthearted way, It seals it in.

Pauline's page is "I am patient and composed". She laughs, tired and impatient with being pregnant. Lauren's page is "My spine stretches gracefully to the sky". Lauren takes a deep breath, reaches up, touches the sky and opens up her body and her life to today. It feels good. Hannah turns to "Every cell in my body is full of divine wisdom". Wow, deep thought for the week, turning Hannah inward to a confidence in the lives that she is.

The families and I love the pocket midwife book. It is midwifery, supporting women to welcome the synchronous mystery of the birth process with a smile. Seal it in.