Birth, just the way it is, loving it or hating it


Some people love giving birth. They really do. I see one of my early clients years ago, Margaret, on all 4s on the floor, rocking and moaning with the power of it all. "Bring it on" she cried, "Bring it on".  For some, despite surrendering to it, it is a deep dark place from which the emergence to birth and baby saves them from its depths. Or it is just an unglamorous physical process... At least it has a baby at the end. Giving birth can be so many things and each one of them perfect, just as we are all perfect even in our imperfection.

When I gave birth for the first time, it was a revelation, an awakening of myself,an intensity culminating in absolute joy and wonder. It can be like that. It can be all sorts of different ways too. It can be just plain exhausting struggle and relief. There is no goal, no perfect way, whether water birth or orgasmic or on the bathroom floor, it is perfect just the way it is. 

dinahBirth, Just the way it is