Toddler chairs!

midwife chairs

Two toddler chairs caught my eye. They were $12:50 each. "They will be welcoming and useful for big brothers and sisters in the prenatal room", I thought as I furnished the birth center 20 years ago. 


Since then, many behinds have sat on those chairs, most often, mine. The chairs have beome active partners in prenatal visits. 

'Yes, she really sits on those chairs," women explain to other family members during visits. 

And I have learned a lot from those chairs too.

First I learned, (or rather remembered) that toddlers don't sit on chairs (of course).

Then I learned that short chairs suit short people/midwives. They help with posture too.

Gradually the chairs became part of the visits in ways that I had not expected. Sitting beneath someone encourages service, deters professional hierarchy, supports the midwifery model of care. Looking up and into the eyes of my client, helps me to retain an attitude of service.

Those chairs represent midwifery. 


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