Midwives are meant to birth babies. 


 Today I am here to support the beautiful care provided by Midwives. In the past, I have gone for the more familiar approach of care with hospitals and obstetricians. I never knew what I had been missing. When I was under the care of an OBGYN, I always felt like I was dealing with the process of care and checkups. The chronic anxiety and unknown always presented itself around each visit. I always felt hesitant to ask questions because I regularly felt I was asking too many in the short time slots allotted by each Doctor's visits. I found myself repeating the same answers to questions that I had been asked on the last visit. On one occasion, my toddler came with me to a visit and was being impatient with the wait for the doctor. Once the doctor appeared and acknowledged my restless toddler, I was asked if I could reschedule so I could find a babysitter next time. I was embarrassed and felt anxious the rest of the visit, trying to calmly tone my daughter down while trying to pay attention to the procedures the nurse was explaining to me. I only met my doctor one time which was the initial visit. Every other visit was a mix of nurses. This is the only type of care I had known. So I accepted this as a tough part of being pregnant.

  My partner discovered birth centers after a particularly stressful hospital visit where I found myself being pressured into a different birth plan then I was wanting. I was hesitant but desperate to make a change since both of my pregnancies had been filled with less than satisfactory care. I did not know what to expect but was eager to find something different. I found it with Lovers Lane Birth Center. Right away, I felt welcomed and appreciated as a pregnant woman. I was not just another patient on the schedule but a person. A woman, pregnant and eager for answers and understanding of what was expected of me during my pregnancy and labor. My whole perception of pregnancy and care changed from this point on.

  I initially felt comfortable and excited about the more casual environment. I did not feel like I was walking into a place where I wanted to exit right away. I felt at home. My partner and I took a tour of Lovers Lane Facility and knew this is where we wanted to bring our baby into the world. Every visit thereafter made everything change for me. Not only did I feel supported like I had never been before but I never had to worry about my daughter being a nuisance to the nurses. She was as welcomed as I was. This was my family and we were accepted as such. I never felt like my questions were too petty to be asked and always felt like I was given amazing direct attention. I never felt left in a waiting room forever only to wait in the exam room even longer. The first time my amazing Midwife examined me with her hands, I cried. I cried because it felt that good to feel like I was being cared for. I was being examined and watched by not a machine but an actual person who had knowledge in her hands and in its movements. It felt like what personal care should feel like. Not being probed by machines and gels. I felt safe. I felt understood. I felt like I was actually getting the direct attention that I needed and deserved. This is how care should be. It doesn't have to be intimidating.  It doesn't have to feel so disconnected. A woman should be empowered and confident in her pregnancy and her upcoming labor. Not scared. Not just as another patient but as a human being. Lovers Lane Birth Center and their amazing Midwives cared from me and learned my story. They learned about me. Answered every question that I had to the best of their ability and rose my confidence in myself. When labor started, I was not the same apprehensive pregnant women I had been in my previous pregnancy and in the beginning of my 2nd one. I was excited. Powerful. Capable.

 Once I arrived to the Birthing center I was welcomed with open arms by my encouraging birth team. I was in the safest arms I could be in. I was ready. I delivered my baby without any intervention or medication.  It was exciting and intense. My calls out were not met by surprise but loving encouragement and I could not have been more grateful. There was a rush of magic in that room that day as I delivered my baby into an environment full of strong will and love. My Midwife handed me my baby for the first time and there was never a more beautiful transfer that ever happened. This was the most beautiful natural experience I have ever had. And it happens to be the same childbirth that I had once misunderstood and feared as a hospital patient. Sometimes, with the hustle and bustle of the hospital care, pregnant women are forgotten as strong healthy women and treated as less capable and problematic patients. 

I hope all women are given the choice to experience such a beautiful birth as mine was. I will forever be grateful to the Midwives who cared for me and my family in such an important time in our lives. I have had a hospital birth full of strangers, restrictions, medicines, machines everywhere around you, intercoms blaring, bright lights and cold rooms. My first labor was long and full of tense energy within me and around me. My 2nd birth was what birth deserves to be. I had people who knew me, knew my thoughts around an environment that was full of love and confidence. My post birth visit held all of the same expectations. I was so proud to show off my thriving baby to those that helped bring her into the world. If I were a baby and had the opportunity to choose where I was born, this would have been my destination. I am now a more powerful woman than I was before stepping foot into that birth center.  I am a better Mom, thanks to My Midwives at Lovers Lane Birth Center. In the future, it will be the only place I want my care to take place. Midwifery care should not be the type of care that is forgotten.  It is the care that should be brought back.

Midwives are meant to birth babies.