Torin's Birth


Torin was supposed to be due on Wed of last week. We’ve been anxiously awaiting his arrival for several days. We had a great experience with Jadon’s birth at Baylor Medical Center but decided that a home birth was the right choice for us this time. Things couldn’t have gone better!

Our midwife Dinah arrived around 8 AM this morning after Michelle woke up to her water breaking and intense contractions. After laboring around the house she decided to get into the birth tub.

Things progressed pretty quickly and at 10 AM Torin was born. I was able to catch him as he came out and Jadon was there to see the whole thing (as you’ll see from the pictures).

It was such a peaceful experience to have it all happen at home. We are so blessed and thankful for our friend Valerie who was here to be with Jadon, our midwife Dinah, and her assistant Melanie for helping to make it such a great experience.