I couldn't have felt more supported

My prenatal visits felt like a chat with an old friend, one who has been smoothed with the ebbs and flows of all that is pregnancy. One who knows enough to guide you to trust your body. If I ever had questions, they were met with kindness and gentle advice.  When I went into labor with my first child that balmy April night, the tornado sirens were blaring in the distance. Dinah was on call that night, and as soon as I heard her voice over the phone, her serenity washed over me immediately, and her narration of what to expect soothed my husband and I's mounting restlessness.  

She kept in close contact with me as the rainy Saturday poured in, calling to listen to how I was progressing. Like many soon-to-be first time mothers, I found myself at the birth center a little too early. After a quick cervical exam, Dinah patiently presented the options: stay and wait or go home and continue to labor. I chose to go back to our house. At sunrise, I felt ready to return to the birth center and Dinah greeted us once more as the sunlight spread over the neighboring park.  

When I entered the birthing room, I couldn't help but feel like I was walking into a spa. The flute music danced along to the unmistakable scent of lavender coloring the air.  Dinah, and her student midwife Melissa, gave me the space to move and observe the sensations that we're bringing me closer and closer to meeting the child I had been dreaming about. When labor seemed to slow, she suggested natural induction techniques that quickly spurred the process back into action.  

In my birth plan, I had indicated my desire for a water birth. But in the moment, it just didn't feel right. Dinah helped me onto the bed without trying to convince me otherwise.  When I began to push, I couldn't have felt more supported. I squeezed my mother’s hands with each surge while my husband massaged my hips and Melissa allowed me to push against her as a counterweight. The Midwife’s Assistant brought me water to sip in between rushes. Dinah led the cheers of encouragement, reminding me that my body was made to give birth.  

When the baby's head crowned and Dinah noticed the cord wrapped twice around the neck, she swiftly unwrapped it before I even realized what was going on. A few more pushes and our sweet boy arrived. We spent the long moments after our son's arrival cuddling skin to skin. The midwives bustled around us, tidying up and letting us soak in the distinct sensation of being three.  I recommend Lovers Lane Birth Center with the whole of my heart.  

Maris Milo Carl
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