Midwives are meant to birth babies. 

Right away, I felt welcomed and appreciated as a pregnant woman. I was not just another patient on the schedule but a person. A woman, pregnant and eager for answers and understanding of what was expected of me during my pregnancy and labor. My whole perception of pregnancy and care changed from this point on.

Veronica Bradley
Serena's Birth

I let Emily know how the baby was crowning,  and she assured me I had all the time in the world to give birth, no need at all to rush.

Veronica Bradley
Torin's Birth

It was such a peaceful experience to have it all happen at home. We are so blessed and thankful for our friend Valerie who was here to be with Jadon, our midwife Dinah, and her assistant Melanie for helping to make it such a great experience.

Veronica Bradley
Toby's Birth

Knowing what a woman is capable of, and thinking about the amazing miracle of the process of pregnancy, growing a life inside of you, letting that life be born naturally, and nourishing the baby from the breast, it now seems so foreign and odd to even consider having anyone but a midwife care for me during pregnancy and birth.

Veronica Bradley
Enoch's Birth

It was so rewarding and so wonderful to have my husband and my two great midwives supporting me the whole time. The time after the baby was born and my memories of it are just euphoric. Sometimes the more effort you put into something, the more you enjoy the reward!

Veronica Bradley
Blaise's Birth

There were candles lit and music playing and I had a peppermint candle lit (I had craved the scent of peppermint during the whole pregnancy).  The contractions were getting progressively stronger and James and I kept up our energy with apple juice and yogurt smoothies. 

Angela Ross